Pixel.io. Our new identity.

A new device. A new design.


The layout may be pixelated, but the movement should always be smooth. Don't forget, the original Super Mario ran at sixty frames a second.


Movement in real life is never at a constant pace. Acceleration and deceleration are an integral part of movement.


Pixel.io follows the principles of non-scaling raster typography. Pexico is the font of choice.

About the font

Pexico is a pixel typeface that uses 10 by 14 grid (capital letter) in 8 styles: 4 basic styles for text setting — Regular, Bold, Narrow and Mono and 4 stylistic variations of the Regular style for display setting — Outline, Dots, Round and Inverse. It fits the display's pixel grid when used at 20pt size or its multiples.

Pexico supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek Monotonic scripts, all with thoroughly designed diacritics. Moreover, Pexico makes use of advanced OpenType features, just as any other modern text typeface. Each style also has 9 sets of numbers, small capitals and is properly kerned.