Code. Backspace. Rewrite.

I'm Naman. Being Naman is fun.


I make things that run in your web browser. Why? It's easy and it looks brilliant. At least when I do it. Here are some examples:


Winner of Make event in MINET X 2016. Design by Siladityaa Sharma. Idea and presentation by Bhaskar Malik.

Preliminary submission for XINO 2016 to showcase pixelated design for Google. Logo and video by Siladityaa Sharma.


Preliminary submission for AlphaNode 2016 to redesign SpaceX homepage. Graphics by Mohak Gulati.


Winner of Build event in Exun 2015. Video by Siladityaa Sharma. Graphics by Mohak Gulati.


Website and functional operating system prototype. Video and logo by Siladityaa Sharma.

Project Euler

Preliminary submission for eSpice 2016 to redesign Project Euler website. Logo by Siddarth Nayak.


I write too, sometimes. Here's some of the stuff I'm most proud of.

If you liked these, be sure to check out more of what I write here.

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